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Ville: MONTREUIL (93100)


William Jones is the winner of the 2009 'voix de la chance' french national music talent competition organised by La française des jeux and NRJ music. His first ‘single’ ‘New day’ was released into the digital market in the summer of 2010. The video was on national T.V in France until the fall out with the record label which stumped the whole process. It also was a new beginning for the artist to take his music in the direction he really wanted it to go.

If it is true that “when you show up on this planet your work shows up with you” then William Ayeni Jones showed up with music!! Born as the 2nd child of an engineer-turned-Clergyman father and a school teacher mother William discovered his passion for music at a very early stage. “I remember always singing in my class as far back as in primary school, I must’ve been just 7 years old”. “ I couldn’t stop singing I still cannot” “We used to sing hymns mornings and nights at our daily family devotions, that played a role in making me the artist I am today. ” “I listened to a wide variety musical styles as a young boy such as country, soul, R&B, JAZZ, reggae.’ You can hear all these influences in his music today. William classifies his crossover-type music as Folk & soul with a taint of pop. His first self-produced album is in the works.Influences include James Ingram, Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers, Peobo Bryson, Anita Baker, George Michael, Seal, Tracy Chapman etc

“My moving to France in 2002 was widely criticized by friends and family” says the French-Nigerian artist, “but you know I’ve played with bands in different parts of the world with bands like innervision band, the real deal jazz/gospel group, played in piano bars from Nigeria to the USA and in all around Europe, yet I feel strongly that my place is here in Europe especially here in France where the level of receptiveness to new brands of music is very high.”

Before moving to France William Jones was the highest paid unrecorded artist in a country of over 160 million people. And as to why he didn’t put out an album then he says, “the market there back then wasn’t ready for my music and vise versa…” that may seem paradoxical for a guy who began songwriting at age 14. He also had a juicy contract with the prestigious Hilton hotel Abuja where he enthralled the ‘Night cap’ at nights with his velvety, mesmerizing voice.

These days William can be seen in France and beyond doing what he loves the most and does best- playing and singing