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Krzis-Lorent frederique

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Krzis-Lorent frederique

Ville: Saint-Vincent de Salers (15380)


Frederique Krzis-Lorent

Nom d’artiste : frederiqueK

Born in 1956 in Rouen
- Artist-painter for 35 years (particularly works with oil and watercolor)
- Advanced degree in architecture (1982)
- Textile and furnishing designer
- Applied Arts teacher (Oise District Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
- Art Therapist (since 2001)

You are paradoxically iconoclastic. Arises from your work break with some form of artificial representation that any class of "critical" will never understand the issue. In fact, your seemingly classic painting exceeds packaging related to art, perhaps related to your life. Relationships are established within the matière.Votre act is an attempt to enhance the femininity of the same painting. Each of your works is developed slowly from the observation that the more invisible visible. It amplifies what appears as pending.

J.P Gavard-Perret
Doctor of Literature
teaches communication at the University of Savoie (Chambery).
Member of the Research Center Imagination and Creation
He is a specialist in the twentieth century and Image of the work of Samuel Beckett.