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gotier vince

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Vincent Gonthier, born in 1971, reads us through his own personal word of painting, the word in witch he has been living since the year he spent painting his contemporaries, 1986.


After studying art for 4 years in Paris, Vini began teaching drawing and the plastic arts, and was an Art teacher at the school Estienne from 1990 to 2002. His first exhibition was in 1994 in Paris and subsequent ones were held in Lyons, Tokyo and Marseilles.


Politically, Vince argues for humanity. For this plastic artist, painting is a prayer. He uses mystical, even spiritual terms to describe the state of grace he must reach in order to be able to attein the right graphism, as if this graphism were already present in the air around us, and the painter were merely a medium.


According to Viniç, this reality gives us the opportunity to drawn closer to humanity via 2 focal points : the understanding of ourselves and the world. And our being understood by the world.